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Our Client Testimonials

Our clients value good communication as much as we need it to prosper.  We are always appreciative of a client's genuine perspective.  Let us share with you some of these meaningful words, sentiments so fundamental to everyone here at Presenting Vegas.

"My wife Candace and I thoroughly enjoyed the buying process with the agents of Presenting Vegas. Broker, Gary Anter, personally conducted the negotation and helped us achieve a fantastic result. We highly recommend doing business with Presenting Vegas. Broker, Gary Anter, is a consummate professional and leader of one of the best real estate brokerages in Las Vegas."

Harold Prichet

"We like Gary Anter not only for his exceptional work ethic, but for his warmth and engaging personality. Many in Vegas can do a good job, but very few can do as good a job as Gary while maintaining a level of purpose, enjoyment and good humor. We all had a genuinely memorable time, and he saved us thousands!"

Patrice Thomson

"Respect, professionalism, intelligence and action - these are the qualities I experienced from the folks at Presenting Vegas first hand during the sale of our home. Their marketing is some of the best I've ever seen, and I've seen my share of real estate. We are in your debt for a job well done!"

Donald Elmer

"Have you ever experienced an honest salesperson? Neither had I, until I met Gary Anter. The only thing more golden than his word is his follow-up action. My husband and I actually feel grateful that he represented of us in the sale of our home. Thank you!"

Rachel Apllegate

"I enjoy and admire the creative work done by the real estate firm at Presenting Vegas. Their Broker, Gary Anter, should be very proud. Thanks for all your hard work."

Edward Stefanopoulou

"Delightful, agressive and oh so smart! This is what I experienced of Gary Anter, his exceptional marketing, and his salesmanship. Way to go, Presenting Vegas!"

Smanatha Tirelle

"My husband Frank and I were throroughly blown away by the heart-felt service and strong advocacy Gary Anter and his team of agents applied to the purchase of our dream home. Awesome job!"

Jill Drummond

"Gary and his team produces the coolest videos for his real estate listings I've ever seen, outside of Hollywood! His video literally sold our house to someone sight-unseen. Amazing job, Gary Anter!"

Terrence Gibraldi

"I generally don't care for salespeople, but I love Gary Anter and his team at Presenting Vegas. Their salesmanship is on a completely different level. Their marketing is in a different league. Presenting Vegas re-defines the field, in my opinion."

Martha Smithfield

"My wife and I enjoyed every minute with Gary Anter and the folks of Presenting Vegas, and we could tell they genuinely felt the same. Thank you for fighting for us, Presenting Vegas!"

Dale Fresbund

"Thank you, Gary Anter, for a job well done! Your real estate company is a pure joy to work with. You helped us sell our home in record time and at the very top of the market. Anyone contemplating a real estate broker to sell their property needs to give Gary a phone call. Absolutely fantastic!"

Samuel Klavens

"Whether it was their jaw-dropping real estate video of our home, their website, their cordial demanor, or their strong salesmanship, Presenting Vegas sold my home in Mountain Trails where every agent prior had failed. The broker, Gary Anter, deserves our thanks and lifelong business as a result."

Mike Hollard

"Presenting Vegas was recommended by a friend of ours who couldn't stop raving about how fantastic they are, and we chose to give them a try. I was dubious at first, but now I totally "get it". Gary Anter and his agents are the most professional, caring and effective team we have ever worked with!"

Pauline Adams

"I have bought and sold several homes in my life with varying real estate agents, but Gary Anter is without question the best in terms of marketing and the end result. I won't hesitate using him again in the future, and I highly recommend his services to anyone thinking of doing real estate with anyone else."

Jack Maguire

"Thank you, Gary Anter, for making our buying process enjoyable and effective. You have earned our loyalty moving forward. Presenting Vegas is the best real estate brokerage in Las Vegas!"

Max Sebastian

"I've never seen a real estate agency so personally and professionally committed to my success, until I met the agents of Presenting Vegas. Excellent job, Gary Anter, for heading up such a quality real estate brokerage!"

Joseph McIntyre

"The folks at Presenting Vegas are without equal for their negotiation skills and warm professionalism. If I ever sell this home they helped me purchase, it will be with Presenting Vegas. I am a very pleased client and enthusiastic convert!"

Andrew Quince

"Gary Anter's marketing is simply amazing, what I attribute to the successful sale our property. His serious command of his profession is a refreshing departure from the wealth of mediocrity in real estate."

Michelle Falucci

"I spend over a year trying in vain to sell my home with another agent, then I luckily hired Gary Anter. Gary and his team at Presenting Vegas worked quickly to market and sell my home at a higher price than I was previously listed at!"

Richard Franklin

"Genuine thanks to Presenting Vegas for guiding my myself and my wife through the purchase of our new home in The Ridges! Gary Anter and his team worked tirelessly to protect our interests and get the job done right, despite the many obstacles encountered. Presenting Vegas has proved itself invaluable and indispensable in all our future real estate endeavors. Bravo!"

Burt Halfstead

"I utilized the services of Presenting Vegas to purchase my home in Red Rock Country Club in May of 2016. I say wholeheartedly that Gary Anter and his team of real estate agents at Presenting Vegas are the most professional and capable I've ever experienced. I am happy with the entire process. Thank you, Presenting Vegas!"

Frank Desponse

"We hired Presenting Vegas to sell our home in The Ridges in Summerlin last year. Gary Anter got the job done where other brokers had failed. Mr. Anter's real estate marketing is truly without comparison, and we believe his spectacular video of our property played a huge role in the successful sale of our property. Thank you, Presenting Vegas, for a job well done!"

Madeline Fairbright

"Probably the very best experience I've ever had in real estate. Thank you, Gary Anter, and the team at Presenting Vegas, for turning me into a lifelong fan! I will refer you in earnest to anyone who needs quality real estate service."

Thomas Chu

"Gary Anter is professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. His advice for preparing our house for sale was invaluable. Gary and his team helped us refine and polish the house so that it could be presented at its best for market. His crew stepped in wherever we needed them and the results were beautiful. Then the Anter Team rolled up their sleeves to work hard at finding the right buyer. Their professionalism in marketing our home was obvious and pleasing. We were thrilled that they found the perfect buyer. Gary and his team spent countless hours accommodating all of our needs. The quality of their work was outstanding and Gary has a true passion for the service he provides."

The Fergusons in Roma Hills, Henderson

"Gary, YOU & your video R more than generous & amazing, Gary! Thank you ever so much for your perseverance & passion to do this all about our J2! Wishing you the "sun & the moon" and that you will bring "that buyer" to our J2!"

John and Jon, Sadie & JJ too! in The Ridges of Summerlin in Las Vegas

"Gary listed and sold our DaVinci in The Christopher Collection of Southern Highlands for a profit, earning the opportunity to represent us in the purchase of another home. That home ended up not being a fit for us, but Gary again sold it and made us whole in the process. We are back home in The Christopher Collection, thanks to Gary's dedication, creativity and hard work. Thank you for being our real estate agent for life!"

Andy Birskeugh in Southern Highlands, Las Vegas

"It is rare in today's business world to find honesty & sincerity from realtors. Gary Anter is a clear exception. Gary clearly places his clients best interest ahead of his own. Mr. Anter is diligent, hard working, and  holds ethics to the highest standard. I have conducted business with many realtors in Las Vegas non of which compare to Gary Anter. Thank you for all your hard work in listing and selling our home in The Ridges."

Jim Stepanian CEO, Summerlin Asset Management in The Ridges of Summerlin, Las Vegas

"Gary is the consummate professional! My husband and I have worked with him for over two years now (both the purchase of our condo and now looking to buy a house). He is knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, ethical, hard-working, and a pleasure to know. We would highly recommend him!"

Laurel Pulvers - Los Angeles/Summerlin

"Gary is outstanding! The ultimate professional. He worked very hard on my deal. He kept me posted every step of the way. I will be using Gary for all of my future sales & purchases."

Timothy Mclaughlin, Honolulu, Hawaii

"My wife and I listed and sold our home with Presenting Vegas. We were more than impressed with the professionalism and salesmanship of Gary Anter and his team of agents at Presenting Vegas. What sets them apart from their competition is their genuine love for what they do. The chemistry was spot  on from start to finish. We will continue to use Gary Anter to broker all of our real estate deals into the future."

Quinn Fredrickson, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Gary Anter stands out as a top marketing real estate agent. Our neighbors come from all over the world so we needed his superior services to reach out to a perfect buyer. Gary's knowledge, talent and staff made the selling process easy. We got great results. I highly recommend Gary Anter as your real estate agent."

Marc & Christine Ferguson

"Gary Anter is the most professional real estate broker we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We have bought and sold many homes through the years and our experience with Gary surpassed all of our expectations. We were able to buy and sell a home in Las Vegas using his expertise quite successfully and his knowledge and level of service made the transactions seamless. We recommend Gary Anter with great enthusiasm and without reservation."

Tom and Dayna Arnold