About Presenting Vegas

By its very name, real estate is an exercise born of necessity and constrained by one's budget, practical needs, zoning requirements, topography and the like — heady and very "real" constraints. Real estate is also a matter of the heart, irrespective of the numbers; not to say that the practice of real estate should ever lose sight of critical limiting factors.

One simply does not engage in real estate only for its logical sensibility alone; otherwise, you'd be more likely to invest in securities and rent housing to the exclusion of ever buying or selling. Real estate is a uniquely human exercise, shaped by aspiration and moved by passion. We engage in real estate only if it makes sense, but never without it appealing to the heart.

This dual nature is not only at the core of a good real estate transaction, but can be found in anything from creative urban planning to synergistic trade agreements to manned space flight. Our progress as individuals and groups cannot make sense alone to the exclusion of engaging us on a higher and more meaningful level.

Embodying this blend of logic and aspiration, and not always in that order, is the husband and wife real estate team of Presenting Vegas. Take one look at them to appreciate the good fortune Gary Anter feels every day to be so favorably paired with his wife, Yelena. It not only makes excellent sense, it feels just right.

Entrust Gary and Yelena to guide your real estate endeavor, and you'll realize a good deal is comprised of equal parts smart business and warm affection. You're buying or selling a lifestyle, along with its perspective and emotion when you consummate real estate. Having Presenting Vegas at your side ensures the experience is engaging and rewarding to both heart and mind.