Selling with Presenting Vegas

You’ve made the decision to sell your luxury Vegas home, and you know that timing, presentation and execution is everything. There are many brokers in town well qualified to sell your home, though you’ve chosen Presenting Vegas for a myriad of important reasons. Our marketing goes beyond industry standard to include The Motion Picture [link to that page] and Helicopter Aerial Photography, to name a few that others have not budgeted for or do not desire to implement. But where we distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we regard those same individuals as key components to constructing a successful real estate deal.

With only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression, staging a property is essential. Garish paint colors should be painted over in favor of a more neutral palate. A very deep cleaning goes without saying. Less is always more, unless there’s no furniture at all; in which case, Presenting Vegas offers staging services to turn a nondescript room into an environment in which the prospective purchaser will imagine themselves living and prospering. Existing furniture, furnishings and accouterments needs to be simplified to the absolute bare essentials. The house will be in such fabulous shape, you’ll jokingly ask to stay.

Our marketing and connections glean for us our first round of prospective buyers, qualified by their financials, and properly scheduled at a time most flattering of the property and convenient for you. You leave the house a half hour early, while we enliven the space with candle light and soft music. The interplay of windows, doors, house positioning and views sometimes makes twilight showings more advantageous than daytime showings. Presenting Vegas has all the finer details covered, including Champagne for pivotal return showings.

We’ve resisted the temptation to negotiate against ourselves with an unwise price decrease, and determination has paid off in the form of a solid purchase offer. Presenting Vegas will optimize the deal to your favor, while maintaining a pleased and collaborative buyer. You’ll understand why listing, marketing and selling your home with Presenting Vegas is the smartest move you’ve made in real estate.

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